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Will you be the next vegan?

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The emerging plant based diet has seen tremendous growth from a 3.2 percent in 2008 to just over 7 percent of the population today in the US alone. With other countries such as Europe, Canada, India, The Netherlands, and the middle east reporting high consumer interests in organic all natural plant based foods. So what is the buzz all about and why the shift?

What the plant based diet is really about…

Veganism and vegetarianism are both coined terms for any and anyone who does not consume meat, little or no dairy, little or no fish and whose diet at least 90% or more is from a plant sources (mother earth.) However, it is a lot more than just saving the animals or an apparent meat phobia. It is really taking yourself as a human being in relation to other beings on this earth seeking a peaceful harmonic existence which does not involve unnecessary violence (hence barbaric slaughter or abuse of other creatures, the environment, etc.).  Sounds really nice right? Well this is part of the idea, the philosophy or belief system for the veggie family, but not all just ethics and morals. The reported health benefits have been well documented over the years, yet not focused on by mainstream media.

Who this diet is for?

This diet is for any and anyone who is committed to their own health as well as the health of the planet. We know the astronomical increase in a number of diseases over the last century has become a real concern for many. The certainly has influenced people as a whole today to begin taking steps in a new direction. You surely can be next. First you need to let go of your current nutritional belief system. More than likely it was influenced by parents, school, or television a.k.a “tells lies to your vision.” I know for one this dietary change is not easy and will feel like you have to give up everything you love. Really it is easier than you think.

The plant based diet is of itself a way of life. It is a philosophy on its own platform without any bias to religious, sex, race, and seeks not to oppose, but to transform. It is for those souls who over stand the current spiritual warfare (not just against animals, but against self and mother earth) and know this is a major contribution to society not to mention our own health.

You are not alone!

Now we have gotten the super introduction out of the way. I am here to let you know this website will serve you in many ways providing you with not just information but the right information, resources, tips and tools (recipes) to help you on your journey. Believe me I am almost there at least 95% of my diet is plant based and maybe you are just getting started or well over 120%. Either way this is a place for us to grow, connect, and share information. You know you have been trying for months and perhaps thinking about living an all out natural lifestyle, but just can’t seem to make it happen. This is not just a blog but a network for like-minded people ready to trail-blaze the all natural holistic lifestyle. Please do me the honor of subscribing, and make this your place to be the next vegan!


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To your health and longevity,

Khalif  N. Amin