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5 Powerful Must-See Health Documentaries That Will Change Your Life


You’re ready to spark change into your life for a healthier you and healthier year. Yes, as the days go by you find your self cheating on your diet here and there and eventually spiraling back to old bad habits. One of the best ways to fuel your goal is to feed the mind. Without further or do here are five powerful films to give you the motivation you need. For those of you who have seen any of these please share your thoughts and reviews.

5. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Obesity? Pills? Illness? There is no conspiracy here. Just simple math 1+2=3 and either way you move the equation they all fall under the same umbrella. The interesting concept of this cinema is found in the narrator Joe Cross who takes you on a very personal journey from a 300 pound overweight man who decides to make it his mission to re-claim his health and change his own life. For most of us today we want immediate answers from EXTERNAL sources. The reality is however, our health and lifestyle habits are what influence our well being the most. Fat, sick and nearly dead is a story you must witness for yourself.



If you think someone is coming to save you or your neighborhood doctor has all the answers, think again. We are the healers we have been looking for!


4. Beautiful Truth

The word Cancer scares most of us, perhaps more than any disease on the planet. Where does cancer come from? Is it a curse with no antidote, no cure? Some think it is a guaranteed death sentence. In the Beautiful truth follow young Garrett who after his mother’s untimely death sets out on a journey to study a provocative book written by Dr. Max Gerson, a physician who claims to have a cure for cancer.


“They all share one common thing, they are not agricultural companies, they are chemical companies.”


3. Last Days of Left Eye


There is a reason music and healing are synonymous terms and if you truly want to experience both worlds, take a closer look in to the life of famed hip-hop celebrity Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez. Lisa captures audience’s attention with her personal approach to allow viewers to get to know the real Lisa; which ultimately takes us through her spiritual transformation. It makes you think of your own life and the harmful health habits you may unconsciously be practicing on a daily basis. Even further there are secrets and giveaways Lisa graciously leaves us for how we can make decisions right now to begin healing. It is a must see film.

“The only thing I’ve ever wanted to do was to help people, because there are a lot of sick people in the world, a lot of people who are struggling and suffering and they’re just not happy. And I used to be one of those people, and I used to wish that my life would end, you know.”


2. Sacred Science

Have you ever had the thought of escaping and going on an extended retreat into the jungle? What happens when you make this a reality? And this is not just any ordinary vacation, straight into the heart of the amazon jungle people from various backgrounds take the leap of faith with hopes to find answers to their ailments and medical conditions. The findings in this film will amaze you. It takes courage to accept the truth of your problem and even more to go out beyond current western medical system to find real answers to healing.



1. Food INC.

Looking for the inside scoop into the largest food industries in America? Without a doubt Food INC gives it you straight raw no hosed bar view of America’s brutal food manufacturing system.  The film really has a lot of depth to it on a number of topics surrounding our current food industry and system and will certainly give you a lot to think about. It examines the inhumane and unsustainable methods used to provide meat to an estimated population of 300 million and the industrial production of common grains (wheat, corn, and soy) which by the way is used to make most of the processed junk foods people consume. Get ready for over an hour of thought provoking revelations for what you are about to see will shock you. Finally, this well directed cinema propels viewers in to an era the world is shifting to rapidly, the global natural health movement!

“The industry does not want you to know the truth about what you’re eating, because if you did, you might not want to eat it.”




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Should we consume meat?



Researchers at the University of Lyon conducted a recent carbon analysis on the mummified remains of Ancient Egyptians and its discovery to no surprise concluded they ate a diet similar to modern vegetarians which contributed to their much longer life spans. For most people the thought of giving up meat seems rather impossible, and some people think they could not survive without it. So I think it’s time to clear up the smoke for the rest of us! Its rather obvious most of the population thinks out of FEAR (False evidence appearing real) and scarcity so it is out of conditioning where they are led to believe this fallacy.

Size Surprise

So you think people will all whither away to skin and bones don’t you? This fact I am about to reveal will amaze you! Some of the largest animals on the planets do not consume any meat including:

  •  Cows
  • Rhinos
  • Giraffes                 elephant
  • Elephants
  • Horses
  • Gorillas
  • Hippos

 I know right? Amazing. Glad to have cleared this up for the rest of us. Probably not convinced to make the transition to a meat-free diet, but you can and believe me it takes time.

The Question is Meat?

With the absence of mass domestication (for profit), naturally there just would never be an abundance of animals for God never created them for the purpose of providing substance to us humans. For one, animals breed under natural circumstances at very slow rates and require hormone boosters and dangerous chemicals to force them to do what cannot be done in the natural environment. If any of you have not yet seen the eye opening documentary “Food Inc.”(I will discuss in the next post) or visited your local abattoir, you are encouraged to do so to witness the barbaric, disgusting, unsanitary, and just uncivilized origins of your (MEAT). If this still isn’t doing it, then how about the plethora of health concerns associated with meat.

Dangers of Meat

  • Meat produces carcinogenic compounds when cooked
  •  Meat increases chances of colon cancer
  • Meat 99% of time cannot pass through intestines, which really rots in liver, indigestible
  • All Meat today contains synthetic hormones, which disturbs our hormonal imbalance
  • Contain high amounts of saturated fat which increases the risk of heart disease


Human beings are herbivores by nature. This particular evidence is found in both the physical characteristics (jaws, teeth, nails) and our God-given instinct. The main characteristic of carnivores is that they have sharp teeth with which to tear flesh and meat, their primary diet.   When you see that road kill on a nearby street or highway do you envision this as part of your next meal? Or what about taking a raw bite out of a living cow or chicken with those pearly whites? Most of us wouldn’t have the stomach literally to do such a thing because it is contrary to our design. This ongoing campaign to place meat as the highest priority in human nutrition has proven to be highly successful only for producing a very sick nation. It is time you begin to research and evaluate what you are really putting into your body!