Your Health Is All You Have

      If someone came up to you and offered you 10 million dollars in exchange for some of your organs, would you be interested? After all the saying goes that money is right up there with oxygen. Yet as we know this is partly true.  Many people today do trade their bodies and souls for money, but if you had to consider the thought of becoming an instant multimillionaire by giving the only vehicle allowing to enjoy the money and the things it buys how could you?



My journey into the world of health and wellness began when I was simply looking for answers. I remember when I would suffer from chronic asthma, respiratory issues, severe chest pain, bad colds and sinus issues all causing me to lose sleep. I also learned I was a had a heart murmur and had an irregular heart beat. I remember clearly my trip to to the hospital to sit under the suction aspirator due to mucous build up that was so bad I would almost hack (cough) myself to death. After about fifteen minutes, I could breathe and you know what followed thereafter?  Loads of mucous. I thought maybe this was part of a growing weak futile male body. Sure enough this lasted all my years under the typical American processed food diet. You would not even believe I grew up on an island totally disconnected from myself and my African roots. I had no desire for papaya, mango, let alone herbs growing right outside my backyard besides pepper and kenip. I preferred frozen food, junk food, lunchables, kid cuisine, McDonald’s, fast food in general as the standard. Even to this day fasting and cleansing my body is still healing. We are talking twenty years of this not to mention ramen c(noodles).

While I still may not be 100% in perfect health, like most of us am working on achieving balance in my life while trying to eat only the best foods on my part time vegetarian diet.

As I engage in the present moment, the birds chirp on this chilly Sunday; I think to myself how far I’ve come from being the sick kid with little guidance to now raising my own. More than ever today we have to do whatever it takes to establish natural organic and sustainable practices from the home, to the village, to the community, to the country, and to the world. I believe deeply we were all inborn to be in good health and wealth, but we are not all experiencing it. My passion for health and wellness is forever, and I pray to see not a high technological world but a logical one where health is first on the agenda, and free. You have absolute control over your body, health and life.

So,  I ask the question again, would you trade your health for money? Would you trade your experiences and amazing life God has set for you for a dying world currency? The only way to live a truly fulfilled life is to start with your health, mind, body and spirit.

In peace, love and good health.

K. Amin.


“Without your health, everything else means nothing. – Mary J. Bilge.


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