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Natural Remedies For The Cold or Flu


You’re down and out, may have called in sick, more than likely glued to your bed with tissue paper all over the place. The cold or influenza is the result of a compromised respiratory system. Symptoms may include stuffy nose, lightheadedness,  fatigue, sometimes accompanied by cough congestion, fever or chills.  Yes, today is not your day. But before you give in let me tell you all hope is not lost. Before you run to a doctor here are some great tried and true remedies which will certainly ease this illness and easy enough for you to try on your own.

First, let your body do its work.

While it’s highly likely you are tempted to take anti-suppressive drugs like aspirin, Tylenol or cough syrup, you should realize your body is already at work to restore you back to your pristine state. Suppressants are just what they are, temporarily masking a symptom not caring for a short period of time until it returns. Opt for simple and natural formulas such as (aff) and consult with your physician on dosage and if taking more than one formula at a time.


  1. Steam

    Inhalation of good old steam by a good old fashioned pot, diffuser or humidifier can help break down stubborn mucous and expedite cleansing of the body. Add a few drops of Eucalyptus Essential Oil for fast effective relief not to mention an exhilarating experience.

  1. PH balance, Hydrate

  Drinking plenty of fluids is definitely a daily habit you want to build but more important when sick. Drink lots of distilled or fresh spring water, fruit juices and stay away from sodas, carbonated drinks, processed or greasy foods, etc.

  1. Nutrition

  Best supplements to take are lots of vitamin c which in considerable doses has proven to reverse disease. B Vitamins, bioflavonoids, antioxidants are a must and can certainly be obtained from raw whole foods or from supplement form.

  1. Herbs


  Herbal Tea and infusions are essential during and great to consume during a cold. Each herb has their own effect and properties. Echinacea and goldenseal combined, combat viruses. Mullein is a mucous buster (expectorant) and protects the body from damage. Note: Always talk with your doctor prior to use of any herb especially when taking other medications and safety must be taken with children. A good rule of thumb is 1/2 tsp per cup and have them sip or enjoy a few spoons every few hours.

  1. Rest

 You’ve probably heard how exercise is good for you. However, rest can be even better considering the amount of energy already being used by your body getting rid of whatever bugs may be inhibiting you. Listen to your body. Light walking or stretching is fine, but make sure to leave those tedious chores alone!

  1. Buddy up

If you have a partner or a friend or lucky enough to have a parent or relative nearby have them come to help you out. Small chores, shopping, good old  (aff) vegetable soup with some encouragement can spring your health back in no time.

  1. Recap

 Prevention, as they say, is the best solution. Yet even the most dedicated of us can end up under the weather every once I  while in this work-obsessed society. Here is a brief summary of steps to take now.

  •   Steam: Get a humidifier or boil some filtered or spring water.      Turn off the fire and inhale the steam.
  •   Stay Hydrate-drink plenty of water.
  •   Nutrition- vitamin C as specified,
  •   Berries, fruit, antioxidant foods
  •   Hearty homemade soup
  •   Herbs – Echinacea, goldenseal, and ginger.
  •   Rest- Plenty of it!
  •   Get help- Get help even if you think you don’t need it.
  •  Think positive. This is just another way of bringing out a stronger you!

In peace, love and good health. Thank you for reading. SHARE!

 Khalif Amin.


Your Health Is All You Have

      If someone came up to you and offered you 10 million dollars in exchange for some of your organs, would you be interested? After all the saying goes that money is right up there with oxygen. Yet as we know this is partly true.  Many people today do trade their bodies and souls for money, but if you had to consider the thought of becoming an instant multimillionaire by giving the only vehicle allowing to enjoy the money and the things it buys how could you?



My journey into the world of health and wellness began when I was simply looking for answers. I remember when I would suffer from chronic asthma, respiratory issues, severe chest pain, bad colds and sinus issues all causing me to lose sleep. I also learned I was a had a heart murmur and had an irregular heart beat. I remember clearly my trip to to the hospital to sit under the suction aspirator due to mucous build up that was so bad I would almost hack (cough) myself to death. After about fifteen minutes, I could breathe and you know what followed thereafter?  Loads of mucous. I thought maybe this was part of a growing weak futile male body. Sure enough this lasted all my years under the typical American processed food diet. You would not even believe I grew up on an island totally disconnected from myself and my African roots. I had no desire for papaya, mango, let alone herbs growing right outside my backyard besides pepper and kenip. I preferred frozen food, junk food, lunchables, kid cuisine, McDonald’s, fast food in general as the standard. Even to this day fasting and cleansing my body is still healing. We are talking twenty years of this not to mention ramen c(noodles).

While I still may not be 100% in perfect health, like most of us am working on achieving balance in my life while trying to eat only the best foods on my part time vegetarian diet.

As I engage in the present moment, the birds chirp on this chilly Sunday; I think to myself how far I’ve come from being the sick kid with little guidance to now raising my own. More than ever today we have to do whatever it takes to establish natural organic and sustainable practices from the home, to the village, to the community, to the country, and to the world. I believe deeply we were all inborn to be in good health and wealth, but we are not all experiencing it. My passion for health and wellness is forever, and I pray to see not a high technological world but a logical one where health is first on the agenda, and free. You have absolute control over your body, health and life.

So,  I ask the question again, would you trade your health for money? Would you trade your experiences and amazing life God has set for you for a dying world currency? The only way to live a truly fulfilled life is to start with your health, mind, body and spirit.

In peace, love and good health.

K. Amin.


“Without your health, everything else means nothing. – Mary J. Bilge.

When Was Your Last Tune Up?



Sounds like the beginning of an ad reminding you it’s time to change the oil n your car right? Rotate your tires, and get other stuff under the hood checked out right? Today however, we are going to get a bit more personal than our car, truck or SUV. We are going to discuss your one and only lifetime vehicle, your BODY.

The human body is one of the most advanced and complex systems on the planet. But modern science and health experts have made our understanding of it over complex. Yet the systems of this body is what is used to produce and create much of the inventions and technological devices we have grown accustomed to over the last few centuries. Some examples are cell phone (ear hearing), eyes (glasses or binoculars), face (masks) just to name a few. One very popular item which has even grew to become a highly desired luxury item by most people is the car. In fact, the Lamborghini Veneno one of the world’s most expensive cars listing price is 3.9 million dollars. But my question to you (though I love cars and anything speed) is who would spend this amount if they had it (and some do) on their own health and for those around them?

The car is simply an extension of ourselves, but we spend a great deal of time, paying for them, investing in them, cleaning and polishing them, tuning them up, but rarely especially in America do we do this for our health. The car like human body comprises of systems a circulatory system (cooling), digestive system (fuel), respiratory (air induction), urinary system (exhaust). And these systems must be maintained and meet standards in order to do what: perform at the required level, and allow you to travel to desired destinations. Our body is no different, except for one thing, we are living and breathing and comprised of mind, body, soul, and spirit. A car on the other hand which modern society loves, is only an object (extension of self).


Now if our car (body) is not maintained, cared for, tuned, or used in motion on a daily basis, it BREAKS down. And we certainly can avoid that by simply following a schedule. This is usually found in the cars MANUAL. Unfortunately, like many of you I knew of no such a thing. I simply fought off colds, took an Advil or NyQuil with a good night’s sleep with the idea somehow I would heal. For most of the time this actually worked, but as you get older this low maintenance strategy does little. In fact, I saw myself down longer than usual or with extended colds for weeks. This is the most fascinating thing about our bodies in the early stages especially in our youth, where it is able to ward off most diseases and heal on its own very quickly. Our current educational system plays a huge roll in our mis-education concerning health and nutrition and has been on a paradigm of disease for many decades, a subject for a future post in itself.

I want to introduce for some of you and reintroduce for others who may have done so already the one key to facilitate the healing of your body; aka how to do a self-tune up! This health phenomenon is known as fasting. What is fasting? Fasting is simply abstinence from food or voluntarily limiting one’s food for a period of time.

One of the key components for me desiring this healthy life, came to me during my first fast which lasted for 31 days back in the summer of 2011. This was the most difficult task I ever undertook, because I love food! You can learn a lot about your body and just how much you are a slave to food. By depriving oneself of the very things the body needs to survive you gain a considerable amount of discipline and control. At the time of my first fast however, I was far from being as health conscious as I am now. Before attempting any type of fast for the first time, contact your physician and let others close to you be aware of your decision. Also, doing the research can and will benefit you tremendously prior to the actual fast.

Benefits of Fasting

The numerous benefits of Fasting are extensive but here are a few:

  • Weight Loss
  • Improves hunger/appetite
  • Improves Immune System
  • Self Awareness
  • Mental Clarity
  • Helps Overcome Addictions
  • Rests Digestive System
  • Reduced blood sugar


The list really had to be condensed because the benefits vary and are really extensive. A well-known fact about some of our most prominent spiritual leaders of the past was their undertaking of some fast during their time here on earth. Moses for example fasted for 40 days before he went up to the mountain to receive the commandments of God. Daniel also Fasted for an answer to his prayers, Daniel 10:1-3. Our most beloved Jesus who many love around the world, fasted for 40 days and nights when he was tempted by Satan before he started his started his public ministry.

Action Steps

Simple things you can do today are to control your cravings, limit junk food and unneeded snacks, and get more educated on fasting or detoxing which can last anywhere from 1 to 40 days. If a weekend detox or intermittent fasting maybe better for you, please do so. I cannot tell you the numerous benefits I have received through fasting or detoxing on multiple levels. Stay tuned for future posts on this subject. Thank you for reading!

Vegan Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle Advocate, Author, Poet, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Traveler.

Along with these many titles Khalif believes in a firm foundation of God, Family, and making each day a greater possibility of giving, doing and sharing more to make the world a better, loving place. Besides these life giving passions you can find him enjoying the great outdoors usually high adrenaline fun activities, and travelling around the world. Peace and Unlimited Blessings!

To your health and longevity,

Khalif Noel Amin


5 Powerful Must-See Health Documentaries That Will Change Your Life


You’re ready to spark change into your life for a healthier you and healthier year. Yes, as the days go by you find your self cheating on your diet here and there and eventually spiraling back to old bad habits. One of the best ways to fuel your goal is to feed the mind. Without further or do here are five powerful films to give you the motivation you need. For those of you who have seen any of these please share your thoughts and reviews.

5. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Obesity? Pills? Illness? There is no conspiracy here. Just simple math 1+2=3 and either way you move the equation they all fall under the same umbrella. The interesting concept of this cinema is found in the narrator Joe Cross who takes you on a very personal journey from a 300 pound overweight man who decides to make it his mission to re-claim his health and change his own life. For most of us today we want immediate answers from EXTERNAL sources. The reality is however, our health and lifestyle habits are what influence our well being the most. Fat, sick and nearly dead is a story you must witness for yourself.



If you think someone is coming to save you or your neighborhood doctor has all the answers, think again. We are the healers we have been looking for!


4. Beautiful Truth

The word Cancer scares most of us, perhaps more than any disease on the planet. Where does cancer come from? Is it a curse with no antidote, no cure? Some think it is a guaranteed death sentence. In the Beautiful truth follow young Garrett who after his mother’s untimely death sets out on a journey to study a provocative book written by Dr. Max Gerson, a physician who claims to have a cure for cancer.


“They all share one common thing, they are not agricultural companies, they are chemical companies.”


3. Last Days of Left Eye


There is a reason music and healing are synonymous terms and if you truly want to experience both worlds, take a closer look in to the life of famed hip-hop celebrity Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez. Lisa captures audience’s attention with her personal approach to allow viewers to get to know the real Lisa; which ultimately takes us through her spiritual transformation. It makes you think of your own life and the harmful health habits you may unconsciously be practicing on a daily basis. Even further there are secrets and giveaways Lisa graciously leaves us for how we can make decisions right now to begin healing. It is a must see film.

“The only thing I’ve ever wanted to do was to help people, because there are a lot of sick people in the world, a lot of people who are struggling and suffering and they’re just not happy. And I used to be one of those people, and I used to wish that my life would end, you know.”


2. Sacred Science

Have you ever had the thought of escaping and going on an extended retreat into the jungle? What happens when you make this a reality? And this is not just any ordinary vacation, straight into the heart of the amazon jungle people from various backgrounds take the leap of faith with hopes to find answers to their ailments and medical conditions. The findings in this film will amaze you. It takes courage to accept the truth of your problem and even more to go out beyond current western medical system to find real answers to healing.



1. Food INC.

Looking for the inside scoop into the largest food industries in America? Without a doubt Food INC gives it you straight raw no hosed bar view of America’s brutal food manufacturing system.  The film really has a lot of depth to it on a number of topics surrounding our current food industry and system and will certainly give you a lot to think about. It examines the inhumane and unsustainable methods used to provide meat to an estimated population of 300 million and the industrial production of common grains (wheat, corn, and soy) which by the way is used to make most of the processed junk foods people consume. Get ready for over an hour of thought provoking revelations for what you are about to see will shock you. Finally, this well directed cinema propels viewers in to an era the world is shifting to rapidly, the global natural health movement!

“The industry does not want you to know the truth about what you’re eating, because if you did, you might not want to eat it.”




Vegan Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle Advocate, Author, Poet, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Traveler.

Along with these many titles Khalif believes in a firm foundation of God, Family, and making each day a greater possibility of giving, doing and sharing more to make the world a better, loving place. Besides these life giving passions you can find him enjoying the great outdoors usually high adrenaline fun activities, and travelling around the world. Peace and Unlimited Blessings!

To your health and longevity,

Khalif Noel Amin


Should we consume meat?



Researchers at the University of Lyon conducted a recent carbon analysis on the mummified remains of Ancient Egyptians and its discovery to no surprise concluded they ate a diet similar to modern vegetarians which contributed to their much longer life spans. For most people the thought of giving up meat seems rather impossible, and some people think they could not survive without it. So I think it’s time to clear up the smoke for the rest of us! Its rather obvious most of the population thinks out of FEAR (False evidence appearing real) and scarcity so it is out of conditioning where they are led to believe this fallacy.

Size Surprise

So you think people will all whither away to skin and bones don’t you? This fact I am about to reveal will amaze you! Some of the largest animals on the planets do not consume any meat including:

  •  Cows
  • Rhinos
  • Giraffes                 elephant
  • Elephants
  • Horses
  • Gorillas
  • Hippos

 I know right? Amazing. Glad to have cleared this up for the rest of us. Probably not convinced to make the transition to a meat-free diet, but you can and believe me it takes time.

The Question is Meat?

With the absence of mass domestication (for profit), naturally there just would never be an abundance of animals for God never created them for the purpose of providing substance to us humans. For one, animals breed under natural circumstances at very slow rates and require hormone boosters and dangerous chemicals to force them to do what cannot be done in the natural environment. If any of you have not yet seen the eye opening documentary “Food Inc.”(I will discuss in the next post) or visited your local abattoir, you are encouraged to do so to witness the barbaric, disgusting, unsanitary, and just uncivilized origins of your (MEAT). If this still isn’t doing it, then how about the plethora of health concerns associated with meat.

Dangers of Meat

  • Meat produces carcinogenic compounds when cooked
  •  Meat increases chances of colon cancer
  • Meat 99% of time cannot pass through intestines, which really rots in liver, indigestible
  • All Meat today contains synthetic hormones, which disturbs our hormonal imbalance
  • Contain high amounts of saturated fat which increases the risk of heart disease


Human beings are herbivores by nature. This particular evidence is found in both the physical characteristics (jaws, teeth, nails) and our God-given instinct. The main characteristic of carnivores is that they have sharp teeth with which to tear flesh and meat, their primary diet.   When you see that road kill on a nearby street or highway do you envision this as part of your next meal? Or what about taking a raw bite out of a living cow or chicken with those pearly whites? Most of us wouldn’t have the stomach literally to do such a thing because it is contrary to our design. This ongoing campaign to place meat as the highest priority in human nutrition has proven to be highly successful only for producing a very sick nation. It is time you begin to research and evaluate what you are really putting into your body!

Will you be the next vegan?

maxresdefault (1)

The emerging plant based diet has seen tremendous growth from a 3.2 percent in 2008 to just over 7 percent of the population today in the US alone. With other countries such as Europe, Canada, India, The Netherlands, and the middle east reporting high consumer interests in organic all natural plant based foods. So what is the buzz all about and why the shift?

What the plant based diet is really about…

Veganism and vegetarianism are both coined terms for any and anyone who does not consume meat, little or no dairy, little or no fish and whose diet at least 90% or more is from a plant sources (mother earth.) However, it is a lot more than just saving the animals or an apparent meat phobia. It is really taking yourself as a human being in relation to other beings on this earth seeking a peaceful harmonic existence which does not involve unnecessary violence (hence barbaric slaughter or abuse of other creatures, the environment, etc.).  Sounds really nice right? Well this is part of the idea, the philosophy or belief system for the veggie family, but not all just ethics and morals. The reported health benefits have been well documented over the years, yet not focused on by mainstream media.

Who this diet is for?

This diet is for any and anyone who is committed to their own health as well as the health of the planet. We know the astronomical increase in a number of diseases over the last century has become a real concern for many. The certainly has influenced people as a whole today to begin taking steps in a new direction. You surely can be next. First you need to let go of your current nutritional belief system. More than likely it was influenced by parents, school, or television a.k.a “tells lies to your vision.” I know for one this dietary change is not easy and will feel like you have to give up everything you love. Really it is easier than you think.

The plant based diet is of itself a way of life. It is a philosophy on its own platform without any bias to religious, sex, race, and seeks not to oppose, but to transform. It is for those souls who over stand the current spiritual warfare (not just against animals, but against self and mother earth) and know this is a major contribution to society not to mention our own health.

You are not alone!

Now we have gotten the super introduction out of the way. I am here to let you know this website will serve you in many ways providing you with not just information but the right information, resources, tips and tools (recipes) to help you on your journey. Believe me I am almost there at least 95% of my diet is plant based and maybe you are just getting started or well over 120%. Either way this is a place for us to grow, connect, and share information. You know you have been trying for months and perhaps thinking about living an all out natural lifestyle, but just can’t seem to make it happen. This is not just a blog but a network for like-minded people ready to trail-blaze the all natural holistic lifestyle. Please do me the honor of subscribing, and make this your place to be the next vegan!


Vegan Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle Advocate, Author, Poet, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Traveler.

Along with these many titles Khalif believes in a firm foundation of God, Family, and making each day a greater possibility of giving, doing and sharing more to make the world a better, loving place. Besides these life giving passions you can find him enjoying the great outdoors usually high adrenaline fun activities, and travelling around the world. Peace and Unlimited Blessings!

To your health and longevity,

Khalif  N. Amin